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The Soap Factory presents COMING SOON!, an outdoor installation by artist, Laura Brown. Brown will install screen printed faux construction signs around the perimeter of the Soap Factory during the upcoming building renovation. The shapes and placement of each print will allude to common safety signs found in construction zones. In this way the pieces will act as artworks hidden in plain sight to activate the exterior and build anticipation for the soon-to-be renovated Soap Factory building.

In addition to the installation, Laura will host open air studio sessions, inviting the public to print signs of solidarity, protest, or encouragement that relate to their day-to-day experiences in a wider world that is in various states of literal and metaphorical ‘renovation’.

Open air studio sessions

Saturday, July 1st, 12-4pm

Saturday, August 12th, 12-4pm

About the Artist

Laura Brown is a printmaker, book artist, collaborator and teacher. Her work examines human relationships and memory through the lenses of geography, movement, and time. She has held residencies at the Myren Graffikk in Kristiansand, Norway; the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, California; Minnesota Center for Book Arts in Minneapolis, Minnesota; and the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, New York. Additionally, her work appears in collections at Yale University and the Library of Congress, among others. In May, she received an MFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin


This project is supported and presented as part of Here & There: Rethinking Public Spaces, The Soap Factory’s 2017 public programming. Rethinking Public Spaces presents artist projects that enliven underutilized spaces throughout Minnesota, rethinking public space and considering what it means to place-make through a contemporary, celebratory, and critical lens.