Rethinking Public Spaces: Juxtaposition Arts

TSF_JUXTA_MURAL_2017_32 (1).jpg

Listen to the latest Soapcast in which artists, Cameron Downey and Namir Fearce talk about their role in Juxtaposition Arts’ newest Mural which will be unveiled on July 29th as part of FLOW.  


This summer Juxtaposition Arts (JXTA) will build on the momentum they’ve created over the last 3 years around the celebration of Black August by combining the respective placemaking and art-based engagement skill sets of JXTA’s Public Arts, Tactical, and Environmental Design studios; using these skills to bring 2017 Black August programming outdoors on the intersection of Emerson and West Broadway Avenues in North Minneapolis. To set the stage, in celebration of black life, JXTALab’s Public Art & Mural Teen apprentices are creating a new on-site mural. This new mural imagines black life beyond surveillance and policing, while referencing the aesthetic style of Aaron Douglas.


Namir Fearce, Jahliah Holloman, Nya Jones, Kyla McCuren-Porter, Maná McBurnie, Savitri Mann, Imani Gates, Cameron Downey, and Salem Anderson-Murre.


Juxtaposition Arts (JXTA) is a youth development organization and a social enterprise located in North Minneapolis. JXTA envisions the youth of North Minneapolis entering the creative workforce as dynamic innovators and problem solvers with the confidence, skills and connections they need to accomplish their educational and professional goals, and to contribute to the revitalization of the communities where they live and work.  

This project is supported and presented as part of Here & There: Rethinking Public Spaces, The Soap Factory’s 2017 public programming. Rethinking Public Spaces presents artist projects that enliven underutilized spaces throughout Minnesota, rethinking public space and considering what it means to place-make through a contemporary, celebratory, and critical lens.