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The Soap Factory Presents: , , ,
Opening reception: September 7th, 7-11pm Gallery hours Thurs/Fri 2-5pm and Fri/Sat 12-5pm // Exhibition Runs: Sep 7 - Nov 3, 2013

The 3rd Minnesota Biennial exhibition at The Soap Factory, curated by John Marks and David Petersen

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Participating Artists: Luke Aleckson, The Basketball Team, Broc Blegen, Allen Brewer and Pam Valfer, Adam Caillier, Kristina Estell, Katelyn Farstad, Emily Gastineau, Peter Happel Christian, Jess Hirsch, Andrew Mazorol and Tynan Kerr, Ben Moren and Daniel Dean, Michael Mott, Stefanie Motta, Scott Nedrelow, Jessica Ashley Nelson, Justin Newhall, Natasha Pestich, RO/LU, Andy Sturdevant, Nate Young

Participating Musicians:
Jackie Beckey, Rachel Blomgren, Crystal Brinkman, Casey Deming, Isa Gagarin, Jonathan Kaiser, John Jerry, Nathan McLaughlin, Crystal Myslajek


Listen to a Soapcast interview with curators David Petersen & John Marks and with artists Emily Gastineau, Allen Brewer & Pamela Valfer


, , , presents a perspective of emerging contemporary art made in Minnesota. Curated by John Marks and David Petersen (co-directors of Art of This) , , , is immersive and interdisciplinary exhibition comprises 38 artists whose work spans visual and sonic art, performance, writing and interactivity. The two-month exhibition will include multiple time and performance-based works, weekly artist panels, the publishing of a special edition WOPOZI newspaper, an on-going sound and experimental music program with two galleries of visual art. There will be a catalog with essays by Juana Berrío and Tony Sunder, and an LP presenting all new improvised sound and musical works by nine artists.

, , , is an exhibition without a title, without a theme, and without a destination other than the exhibition itself. The third iteration of The Soap Factory’s presentation of a Minnesota biennial , , , is a philosophy that seeks to empower the exhibition’s artists, whose work has been included to dictate the course of exhibition more than the work and words of the curators. Following a mantra of “trust the platform,” Marks and Petersen remove themselves, as well as any subjective language from the exhibition’s title, to give agency to the artists to create their show. By employing a curatorial strategy they shared while directing Art of This, Marks and Petersen allow the show to become rather than direct what the show should be.

Taking full advantage of the two-month duration of the exhibition, the expansive space of The Soap Factory, as well as The Soap Factory’s own artist-centric approach, the exhibition will contain a broad program of events and performances that surround and embed within the static visual art. Two dance-based pieces, created by Jessica Ashley Nelson and Emily Gastineau, will take place throughout the gallery hours of the exhibition. An interactive video piece created by Ben Moren and Daniel Dean is available to viewers to explore the histories of both The Soap Factory and modern art. The exhibition will also serve as host to the Tuesday Improvised Music Series by including two expanded multimedia performance events. Minneapolis-based artist/writer/performer Andy Sturdevant will moderate weekly artist panels, held each Sunday of the exhibition’s duration.

The visual art program of the exhibition will be installed in two galleries of The Soap Factory and will include painting, sculpture, photography, film and video, and installation-based work. St. Paul artists Nate Young and the collaboration of husband and wife Allen Brewer and Pam Valfer will each present mixed media installations emerging from the subjectivities within language. St. Cloud artist Peter Happel Christian presents photography-based sculptural installations that find fascination in the familiar. Minneapolis-based artists such as Katelyn Farstad, Adam Caillier, Michael Mott and Stefanie Motta also explore the familiar through painting, photography and sculpture, re-animating what is often overlooked. Duluth-based artist Kristina Estell explores synthetic materials and their relationship to the natural world with a site-specific installation created with gold leaf. Recent McKnight Fellowship recipients Natasha Pestich and Justin Newhall explore the liminal spaces between fact and fiction in their respective mediums of print and photography. The artist collaborative Basketball Team create temporal, ritual-based works that reclaim space and objects that is off-limits or left behind.

To further contextualize the exhibition, a catalog with images of artists’ past work as well as excerpts of conversations with the curators will be included. Essays on the nature and role of biennials will also be included, essays that will both situate , , , and call the proliferation of these large group exhibitions into question. Under the direction of John Marks, a limited-edition vinyl LP recording will be released in conjunction with the catalog. This collection of experimental new works serves to represent communities of artists working with sound and music within the fine arts context. The curators of , , , have also commissioned the publishers of WOPOZI, an image-based newspaper, to publish a special edition that provides a platform for response to the exhibition. Recognizing that art in general, and this exhibition in particular, can only be animated through those that view and respond, Marks and Petersen seek to further open an exhibition in which the only conceptual conceit is its accessibility.


, , , Events
September 15th, 3pm - TRAVELS - Andy Sturvedvant Artist Panel with Daniel Dean, Peter Happel Christian and Matt Olson

September 22nd, 3pm - CATALOGS - Andy Sturdevant Artist Panel with Adam Caillier, Katelyn Farstad, Michael Mott and Tony Sunder

September 29th, 3pm - FABRICATIONS - Andy Sturdevant Artist Panel with Broc Blegen, Emily Gastineau, Kristina Estell, Scott Nedrelow and Natasha Pestich

September 24th, 8pm - Tuesday Improvised Music Series, expanded to include multimedia projections. Artists TBA

October 5th, 12-5pm - Sounds in the Gallery, an afternoon of live experimental music and sound art performance with the , , , musicians and sound artists

October 13th, 3pm - FREESTYLE - Andy Sturdevant Artist Panel with Luke ALeckson, Allen Brewer, Ben MOren, Stefanie Motta and Pamela Valfer

October 22nd, 8pm - Tuesday Improvised Music Series with Jonathan Kaiser and Sam Hoolihan; Lisa McGrath & Matt Wacker; Squid Fist and Trevor Adams

October 29th, 8pm - Talking Image Connection reading event

November 3rd, 3pm - WOPOZI launch and closing reception featuring Danny Henry, co-host of KFAI's podcast "All Jazzed Up and Bonkers", light refreshments and conversation with the artists & curators