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The Soap Factory Presents: KnownUnKnowns
Opening Reception: December 1st, 7 - 11pm // Exhibition Runs: Dec 1 - Dec 21, 2012

An exhibition curated by and featuring the work of Soap Factory volunteers.

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The Soap Factory’s 2012 Volunteer Biennial, KnownUnKnowns, will feature a variety of exciting new artwork from new, emerging, and established artists among The Soap Factory’s volunteer force. During an era in which the future seems increasingly indeterminate, KnownUnKnowns presents work that plays with the balance between certainty and speculation, while exploring acquired knowledge. Following more than a decade of dismal political theater and end-of-the-world prophecies, those that claim with certainty that the end will finally come in December 2012 can only be met with a vague sense of absurdity.

Taking cues from social, political, and personal experiences, KnownUnKnowns examines the search for truth and the fragility of that which we believe to be real. This exhibition of local artists will showcase a wide range of media including painting, photography, installation, video, and interactive works. From a memory-shredding machine to a simulated experience of life on another planet, the featured artists take a variety of approaches to push boundaries and decipher the nature of knowledge.

Thirty-six of The Soap Factory’s volunteers are presenting their own work in this collaborative biennial show. Created and planned by artists who know The Soap Factory best, KnownUnKnowns showcases both the talents of The Soap Factory’s volunteer force and the creative potential of its historic industrial space.

Participating Artists: Tim Carroll, Vena Ambrose, Lea Sorrentino, Paul Miller, David Bekkerus, Mark Clements, Caroline Woodruff, Dane, Cory Ploessl, Holly Wiggin, Dan Robison, Dani Hans, Guy Wagner, Lauren Ann Fechner, Ned Hurley, Danielle Jambois, Kaia Arthur, Hannan Rddad, Katherine Goertz, Elizabeth Erin, Mitch Redepenning, Paul Fosaaen, David Bearon, Lillian Egner, Christi Fields, Hether Goyette, Robert Cooper, Daphnae Koop, Jens Tamang, Kieran Abbott, Gary Wolfe, Ragini Bhow, Jenny Jenkins, Sam Isham-Schopf, Sam Dunne, Leslie Barlow, Hannah Frick, Karrie Johnson