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Almost Nothing, a new installation by Clive Murphy
Opening Reception Saturday, February 21 7 - 11 pm // Exhibition Runs: Feb 21 - Apr 5, 2009

For the first time, one artist takes over the entire Soap Factory gallery space in a single installation.

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Clive Murphy at The Soap Factory from Soap Factory on Vimeo.

Clive Murphy’s major new installation at The Soap Factory, a series of meticulously crafted inflatable sculptures made entirely of domestic trash bags, will mark the first time a single artist has ever tackled all 12,000 sq feet of The Soap Factory’s gallery space. These low tech, large volume sculptures will be created on-site in specific reaction to the existing architecture of the gallery space. Employing modular, geometric forms to invoke drama and pathos through simplicity and scale, this maze of sculptures is also tough enough to flourish in The Soap Factory’s unheated winter galleries.

Murphy’s practice draws from the peripheries of visual culture, mining diverse sources such as porn spam, folk art, found audio cassette tapes, evangelical sermon titles, and self-assembly instructional diagrams. He appropriates and reconfigures familiar signifiers in order to explore their wider cultural resonance, uncovering new ground for the proliferation of diverse meanings.

For his project at The Soap Factory, Murphy draws on radical architectural proposals from the early sixties, monumental minimalist works, and our everyday encounters with inflatable fairground bouncers and advertisement blimps. The result is an installation that examines themes of hierarchy, inter-relationality, and meaning formation, all the while maintaining a playfulness that creates space for new forms of interaction.

Watch an interview with Clive Murphy, or hear Director Ben Heywood talk about the exhibition.


Irish born artist Clive Murphy moved from Belfast to New York in 2005. Previous exhibitions include LMCC New York (2008); Non-Oblectif Sud, Côtes du Rhône (2008); Kerlin Gallery, Dublin (2008); West Germany Gallery, Berlin (2007); Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (2007); Fieldgate Gallery, London (2007); Mercer Union Gallery, Toronto (2006); Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin (2005) Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Cork (2005); Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Manchester/Sheffield/London (2005); Alma Enterprises Gallery, London (2005); British Council/CityMine(d) Brussels (2005); Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai (2004); Gallery 411, Hangzhou (2004); Zedebois Centre, Lisbon (2003) EV+A, Limerick (2002); CCFA, Prague (2001).

To see more of Clive's work, visit www.magnanprojects.com